Stronger as an individual

stronger as a team

Tired of video meetings? So are we!
And yet we are doing it.

The medium of video calls is not the ‘perpetrator’ of this feeling. It’s the way everyone treats it as boring and dry that causes that feeling.

We break through that dullness, that static, those monotonous voices. We keep it fun and functional. Be amazed, because it works!

Learn each other in an original and other way. Enjoy during, and end the session with lots of inspiration and a big smile on your face.


The online teambuilding experience was really great! At first I was a bit sceptical about it, but IT REALLY WORKS!

Director at the Flemish Government

Get to know each other better thanks to the PACE method

The new – hybrid – way of working is healthy and varied and experienced differently.
Three blocks of 50 minutes of intense interaction.
2 active fun and functional breaks.

Focus via PACE - Play
Focus via PACE - Pauze
How do you remain yourself in this new situation and what do you share with your team members and what would you rather not?
Focus via PACE - YingYang
How do you stay positive in a storm of bad news, illness (you or your family), stress, worries?
Focus via PACE - Focus
How do you keep each other sharp, cheerful and enthusiastic when things are going well, and how do you do that when things are not?

We offer interesting and content food for thought and discussion. We make sure that everyone is involved and encourage the FUN factor.

These organisations are already stronger

The online teambuilding experience was really great! At first I was a bit sceptical about it, but IT REALLY WORKS!

Philippe Leroux

How do we proceed practically?

Discover how we arrive at a tailor-made teambuilding session, step by step!

Step 1: Contact
We want to become closer as a team
Do you also want to organise a fun online teambuilding in which your team members get to know each other in a different and original way?
Step 1: Contact
Step 2: Consultation
Personal consultation
After a personal contact with the manager of the team of maximum 12, and ideally 8, persons, we make a tailor-made version of our PACE teambuilding methodology.
Step 2: Consultation
Step 3: Teambuilding
Teambuilding session
On the agreed date and time your team will take part in a 3-hour teambuilding moment via Zoom, Teams or your own platform.

3 parts of 50 minutes - 2 active breaks
Step 3: Teambuilding
Step 4: Feedback
After the teambuilding session, we will contact you to listen to your feedback.
Step 4: Feedback

Fancy an innovative online teambuilding moment?

Please contact us for more information!

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